Learn Film Directing & How to Make a Movie

Apply for a spot in the best filmmaking school for film directing and film production. You will learn real-world skills on how to make a movie and what is required to produce a film.

The fastest way to get your movie made.

Ever get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make a movie?

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unclear on what to do to make a movie and launch your career as a film director, that can be a frustrating place to be in.

You shouldn’t have to spend all your time hoping it works out or waiting to maybe “one day” get a break.

Ever get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make a movie? Try this Filmmaking School! - Breakthrough Film School
This filmmaking school helps visionaries like you make a movie you can be proud to showcase - Breakthrough Film School

This filmmaking school helps visionaries like you make a movie you can be proud to showcase

We know what it’s like to want to make a movie, but not being sure where to start or how to get it made. The feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm can be debilitating.

Together, we can help you get your film made and make your directing debut at a film festival or on a streaming service

We’ve helped launch over a hundred films for new filmmakers. They walked away with a finished film and a real-world education in film producing that can be replicated over and over.

And we can do the same for you.

The Artist in Action Plan:

Create & Produce Work Immediately

There is no wasting time just talking about theory, instead we learn by actually creating and producing work right away because that provides you with the vital hands on experience.

A More Affordable Education Option

Getting a world class film education is an investment, but you’ll pay at least 75% less than you would going to a traditional film school, which is mostly made up of administration costs that give you nothing.

Personalized Guidance & Direction

Have your individual concerns and challenges answered so that nothing stops you from achieving what you are after. Get direct mentorship and your specific questions answered.


"grow the way you fantasize about!"

Brandon has been on a journey to inspire a film empire, and one can't help but be swept up in it. He is dedicated, intense, and happy. He is not afraid to challenge you. Get you outside your comfort zone. Because that's what he does: he challenges you to grow the way you fantasize about growing. I thank him, truly, and I always look forward to connecting with him.
The Best Filmmaking School for Film Directing - Breakthrough Film School
Michael Denis
Actor, Filmmaker, Writer

What Filmmaking School Will Get You:

Explore Your Vision as a Filmmaker and Bring it to Life

So you can do the kinds of projects that impact people and make you proud.

Apply Foolproof Methods to Get Your Projects Financed

So you can acquire all the money you need to make what you want.

Control Your Own Destiny by Knowing How to Create

So you are making the calls on the kind of work you'll do in the film industry.

Access Mentorship with Top Industry Professionals

So you have experienced guidance and direction along the way.

Uncover How to Get Major Producers Interested

So you know what to say when you connect with top level people in the industry.

Discover How to Go From a Concept to Full Distribution

So you understand what to do every step of the way from start to finish.

Network Your Way Into Anyone, Anytime

So nobody is out of reach for you, making anyone you want an option to work with.

Develop the Ability to Pitch Ideas at a World Class Level

So you can communicate your ideas and vision to others in a powerful way.

Learn to Write Professional Level Screenplays

So your stories can inspire top level people to help you get them made.

To get all this and more…

Why this Filmmaking Course?

At least 92% of filmmakers who win an award with their short film in a recognized film festival have no idea how to leverage it to raise money for their next film. 

In Breakthrough Film School you are not only provided with the skills to get financing, you learn how to effectively use your projects to help you get more films made.

The Visionary Filmmaker System

Step 1: Do a Personalized Strategy Session

Take a deep dive into developing a career path for yourself in the film industry through refining your own creative process and passion.

Step 2: Choose Your Path in Film Directing

Choose how you want to make a name for yourself in the film industry as a creative artist; either by focusing on being a filmmaker, screenwriter or actor.

Step 3: Define Yourself in the Film Industry

Develop and create a vehicle that will launch your career in the film industry as a leader who made their own way.

Get Filmmaking Mentorship & Guidance at Breakthrough Film School

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The Ultimate Movie Script Kickstarter Kit

These are the same high quality materials that are responsible for helping over 100 of my clients make films and write scripts that opened doors in the film industry. Many of these clients are now making or working on major TV Series and Films.